Friday, 28 March 2014

OLE Fashion Ice Cream Parlor

Thursday is 1/2 Off Banana Splits

Enter As Strangers Leave as Friends

Ice Cream, is anything better any time of year?  There are many foods that I like and very few that I am passionate about – I am passionate about Ice cream. 

You will therefore have to bear with if ice cream is a frequent blog topic and for those of you who share my passion if you visit any of the Ice Cream Parlors that I highlight I am happy to have brought some culinary joy into your life.

Owner of OLE Fashion Ice Cream Parlor

Paul was in the hot tube when he first heard about OLE Fashion Ice Cream Parlor and their ½ piece Banana Splits all day Thursday – every Thursday!  Apparently many of the Snow Birds here in Myrtle Beach (both American and Canadian) gather together at OLE Ice Cream Parlor between 4 and 6 for a time of socializing and eating Banana Splits.  
Two men standing in front of Ice Cream counter
 The Ice Cream was wonderful, the company lively and the calories well worth it! 
group of picture about banana splits
 Grandma Snyder

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