Monday, 3 March 2014

Is There Buried Treasure?

Is there really buried treasure to be found?  Yes there is and spending your life, head down searching for it comes at a cost!  You miss what is happening all around you in that same moment.
Man with metal detector on beach
Today I watched a man, head down, head phones on listening for the telltale ping of metal under the sand - he look bored and he totally missed the treasure that was above the sand.  The sights,  sounds, smells all around him.
Man with metal detector on beach
The damp pleasant feel of wind against his skin.  The pulsing roar of the waves that is the heart beat of the Atlantic Ocean as it propels itself against the shoreline.  
Waves on Atlantic Ocean
The sound of gulls and doves as they soar over head or wait on the beach.  The smiles and words of greeting as people meet each other on the beach.  The joy of children running and playing in the sand.
I know that place of desire, the allure of the hunt and I know the overwhelming anguish when the realization of moments wasted, forever gone descends.

When I watched the beach it was the children that embraced the moment fully.  They played with abandon, took in all of the sights, and freely sought out wonder in every shell and stone on the beach. 

They were unencumbered by worries for tomorrow, and the regrets of yesterday that rob us of these moments of joy and wonder.

Is there really buried treasure, yes and is it buried above ground for all to find if we dig through all of the things that prevent us from being mindful to look around and see the world we are walking in.

Grandma Snyder
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