Thursday, 20 March 2014

Brussels Sprout and Mushroom Marinara Sauce

Yet another taste sensation built on brussel sprouts.  

Brussels sprout & mushroom marinara

One cup of brussel sprouts contains 38 calories, 0.3 grams of fat, zero cholesterol, 22 mgs. of sodium, 342 mgs. of potassium, 8 grams of carbohydrate, 3.3 grams of dietary fiber, 1.9 grams of sugar and 3 grams protein.  Click here to learn more about the brussels sprout

Mushrooms and onions

2 cups brussel sprouts roasted in balsamic vinaigrette and then shredded
2 cups of your favourite mushrooms slices
2 bulbs of garlic roasted
42 oz of dices tomatoes
1 tablespoon oregano
½ teaspoon sugar
2 onions sliced

Brussels sprouts being added to tomatoe sauce


  • Clean and cut in half the brussel sprouts.  Roast the brussel sprouts in coconut oil and balsamic vinaigrette – 375 F for approx. 45 mins.  Once cooled shred or slice thine. 
  • Cut the top off of the garlic bulbs roast in a 375 F oven for approx. 45 mins. covered in tin foil.  Once cooked remove the roasted buds and roughly chop. 
  • In a large sauté pan sauté the sliced mushrooms and sliced onions until the onions are transparent. 
  • Add the diced tomatoes, sugar and oregano to the sauté pan cook on low for 40 minutes reducing the sauce.  10 minutes before you are ready to serve the marinara add the brussel sprouts and garlic buds. 

Brussels sprout & mushroom marinara
We added our favourite gluten free pasta and fresh grated old parmesan cheese and we had a delicious meal and we hope you do as well.

Grandma Snyder

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