Friday, 14 February 2014

Great Backyard Bird Count

February 14th to 17th 2014

The Great Backyard Bird Count
Join Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society in counting birds.  You will be joining people from  111 countries who last year counted 33,464,616 birds from 4,258 species.  

It will only take a fun filled 15 minutes out of your weekend.

I first heard about Great Backyard Bird Count on the Bob and Diana In the Morning show on 92.3 The Dock.  Bob and Diana were engaged in good natured batter around the possibility of Diana becoming hooked on Bird watching as she counts the birds in their backyard.
Bald Eagle click to complete puzzle
Click here to complete the Great Backyard Jigsaw Puzzle of the Bald Eagle
My mind went immediately back to the fun we had making Suet & Seed balls with our grandchildren posted on January 18th, 2014.  
Mixing Suet Balls
January 18, 2014
Since then we all have been watching the birds devour their treats and it was at that point in my drive I made the decision to broadcast the Great Backyard Bird Count even further through this blog. 
Great Horned Owl
Click here to complete the Great Backyard Bird Count Puzzle of a Great-Horned Owl
This could and can be an amazing family activity, both fun and educational.  Maybe just maybe you will find that you have some budding Birdwatchers in your family.
Snowy Owl
Click here to complete the Great Backyard Bird Count Jigsaw puzzle of a Snowy Owl

All you need to get started can be found on The Great Backyard Bird Count website.
Great Backyard Bird Count
Click here to visit this very interactive website
From the Get Started page you will find everything that you and your family needs to register, record and identify the birds that you see.

The Great Backyard Bird Count is for kids!

This interactive webpage is worth a visit all on its own.  There is:
  • Mark My Bird and Take the Color Challenge activities that are both fun to do and help build observation skills in both children and adults.  These two games are also helping scientist at the Cornell Labs learning more about how we describe the birds we see.  
  • Guess Who’s Squawkin’ which helps children identify birds with the songs they sing. 
  • Make A Marvel Meal Treat for the Birds is a printable page of bookmarks each with a recipe for making a tasty and nutritious meal for our feathered friends.  
  • Words about Birds is a printable brainteaser for children to puzzle over.
Bird colouring page
Click here print this colouring page

Here are four of the colouring pages offered on the site and the links to the pictures.

Bird colouring page
Click here to print colouring page

And wonderful online jigsaw puzzles for children of all ages to do.

Please take part in this great activity and helps scientist understand how our feathered friends are doing all around the world!

Grandma Snyder

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