Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Stewardship Sunday

God has a dream!


The Stewardship Sunday sermon started with ‘God has a dream for all creation’ and we are stewards of our specific part in the Creator's dream.

Where do I go to find out what my part is?
What are the clues, signs that have been left for me to know my place in God's dream?
What exactly am I steward of – my life?

My first clue came from the Disney movie Frozen.  Disney movies do not normally come to mind when I am struggling with a spiritual matters, nonetheless, Elsa the princess and then Queen of Arendelle is where I found my first clue. 
Elsa was born with many talents one of which scared both her and her parents.   So unusual was her talent that they conspired to keep it a secret.  The price of hiding her talent was that she shut herself off from friends and family.

When her talent could no longer be hidden it burst from her and caused great harm.  Only when Elsa was confronted with the power of selfless and sacrificing love did she understand the true nature of her talent - she experienced herself through love rather than fear. 

At one point in my life some 31 years ago, the dream that I had for my future was taken away very violently and abruptly.  I was angry, frightened and at a loss as to what I should do next. 
I hate platitudes, yet in this case it was true – as one door closed another door presented itself.  This door lead to two years of voluntary service through Mennonite Central Committee.  I walked through this door because at the time it seemed easier then struggling to rebuild what was lost.

In reality I found myself within God’s dream.  I was not generating an income, I was not building a career, I was the closest I have ever been to my creator.  All I had to work with was my skills and talents and the resources that God through others provided me. 

Do we have to lose everything to be part of God's dream –no I don’t think so, however the more we have the harder it is – the eye of needle. 

My talents, skills and resources show me my place in God's dream.  At 57 I am now challenged to take stock of my life and like Elsa find the talent, skill, resource that I have attempted to hide - that I have withheld from God and from those I love.

The question is what I am not prepared to lose - what am I hoarding?  By concealing these, what has been the impact on me, family, neighbours and especially on God's dream?

I believe I need to be mindful that all I am and have is needed for God's dream to be realized.   On this stewardship Sunday I have come to understand stewardship not just in terms of what I put in the offering plate, I am also a steward of my life – the talent, skills and resources that I have cultivated and accumulated.

As a grandparent this life lesson has come just in time for me to gently and tenaciously influence my children and grandchildren to be mindful of how they spend their time and talents – to build a family culture of personal stewardship and social justice.

Grandma Snyder
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