Monday, 30 December 2013

Winter Fun at Your Local Park

Harrison Park Owen Sound

A great place to play winter or summer

What a wonderful day we had yesterday as three generations went to the park to play.  The day was not sunny nor was it warm – it was a cold cloudy winter day in December.

 The impetus for our trip to the park was leftover bread from Christmas and memories from my childhood of feeding the ducks at Victoria Park.  So it was that following church we packed up our granddaughters and my parents and off to Harrison Park we went.

Harrison Park can be found in the heart of Owen Sound 99 acres of dedicated multipurpose green space.  The land was given to the city of Owen Sound “a century ago” (City of Owen Sound, 2013) and at one point in it's history was judged to be one of Ontario’s most beautiful parks.   

The Sydenham River flows through the park and on warm summers days you will find young and old alike floating down the river on inner tubes. 

Harrison Park holds many different activities for families from trial walks, two playgrounds, campground, paddle boats in the summer, tobogganing in the winter, bird sanctuary and so much more.  Visit their website by clicking here to see all of the activities available to you.
I have spoken in previous post about the Harrison Park Inn a fine eatery found within the park and this was our first destination of the day for lunch and as always we had a very enjoyable meal – I recommend the fish and chips. 
 The girls could not wait to get outside so we left the meal early and to the van we went where the girls changed into their snow suits.

The ducks, geese and swans provided great fun for everyone.  Next time we go we will take a pail of dried corn from the feed store it is healthier for the birds and easier for the girls to toss.

The playground as always was the highlight of the day and girls were some upset with us when we called the visit to Harrison Park over as a winter fogged had started to roll in over the tree tops.
Going to a local park, or feeding birds in a sanctuary  are fun, healthy and inexpensive ways to create memories with your grand/children.  We chose to eat out adding a substantial cost to the outing.  We could have brought sandwiches and had a winter picnic, or charcoal and BBQ at one of the picnic tables or eaten at home and had hot chocolate at the restaurant following our play date in the snow.

How are you creating outdoor winter memories for yourself and your grand/children?

Grandma Snyder

City of Owen Sound. (2013). Harrison Park. Retrieved from Owen Sound where you want to live:

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