Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Human Rights Day

December 10th, 2013

Today is the 20th Anniversary of Human Rights Day as decreed by the UN High Commission for Human Rights.

I am focusing on the Rights of the Child.  I spent some time reading the ‘Declaration of the rights of the child Adopted by UN General Assembly Resolution 1386 (XIV) of 10 December 1959’.  

To better understand what I was reading and to make this resolution my own I put it in my words. Please visit the link above and read the UN resolution.

  • All children have these rights.  
    • All children all over the world have these rights 
    • There are no exceptions.
  •  All children are to be given special fortification from and by society so that they can grow:
    • Physically 
    • Mentally 
    • Morally
    • Spiritually
    •  Socially and 
    • Every adult is to work for and parent/instruct children in a way that puts the best interest of children above all else, even self-interest.

  •  All children will have a name, family and belong to a country 
    • Have an identity that uniquely theirs that they can be proud of.
  •  All children will be: 
    • cared for 
    • provided healthy  predictable meals daily 
    • provide safe and stable housing 
    • provide medical care 
  •  All children will be given the supports and resources that they require to have equal access to resources and opportunities. (the wording in the resolution speaks to disability wording I dislike)
  •  All children will be loved and accepted by family and society
  •  All children will: 
    •  receive a free educations 
    • have safe places to play 
    • learn the skills necessary in childhood to be self-aware fulfilled adults 
    • Parents will support their children in becoming self-aware adults
  •  All children will live free of abuse.
    •  Children will be free to play in childhood 
    • Children will be free of any work responsibilities that cause physical, emotional or spiritual/emotional damage.
  •  All children will be raised to be: 
    • Understanding 
    • Tolerant 
    • Accepting of all people 
    • Peaceful 
    • Willing to contribute their unique skills/talents in the creation of a better society.
  • The relative rate of child poverty to 14% that placed Canada 24th out of 35 industrial countries
  • The child poverty gap (the depth of child poverty) in Canada placed Canada 23rd out of 35 industrial countries
 and the UNICEF 11th report on child wellbeing found that  “Canada’s children are among the unhappiest”  24th out of 29 countries. 

Children who live in, at or just above poverty will not realize their entitlement to the rights under resolution 1386 (XIV)

Under the UN declaration as adults we need to raise our voices in protection of children both in Canada and around the world.

Grandma Snyder
 ©2013 Twosnydergirls
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