Tuesday, 3 December 2013

December 1st World Aids Day

World Aids Day

December 1st was/is World Aids Day and on December 1st I was focused on:
  • sudden appearance of Christmas music on the radio
  • reflecting on how I would be mindful of God's presence in my life
  • worrying about when or if we will put up a Christmas tree
  • planning for my mother's move to our community
Basically totally focussed on myself.

So it was in catching up on my twitter account I was spiritually brought up short by Stephen Lewis' November 28th blog post reminding me of the World Aids Day.

In his blog Stephen Lewis contrasted the new “ ‘mantra of zero new infections, zero deaths, zero stigma’ as the target for 2015” with the ongoing lived reality of “35 million people living with the virus” and that only two years out from December 1, 2015 there were 2.5 million new cases of HIV infection.

Many grandparents are raising their grandchildren and caring for dying children because of Aids.  I wonder what their focus was on December 1, 2013:
  • Worrying about how long they will be able to hold down work to financially support their extended family?
  • Where they will find affordable housing?
  • Who will pay for the expensive medications needed to keep their family alive?
  • How they will provide an education for their grandchildren?
  • Where their next meal will come from?
  • Who will look after their grandchildren when they die?
 Stephen Lewis focused the light of Peace and Love on grandparents, parents, & children affected by NIV Aids and asked how we will/are responding to this continued epidemic.

Please take the time today December 3, 2013 to spend a moment,  visit the website,  blog and listen to Ida Mukuka.

Listen to Ida Mukuka, SLF Field Representative


Ask yourself the following question:

If I had to raise my grandchildren and provide palliative care to my child what would I need to get through this Christmas season?

Grandma Snyder
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