Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas Candy House

Rice Krispies® Christmas Candy House

About one month before Christmas Grandpa starts making 9x12 sheets of Rice Krispies® slabs.  This year he made 5, 1.5 inch slabs.
 The slabs need to sit out in the air to harden (stale) for at least 5 days.  After two days of sitting out you will find that your walls will sag once you place the candy.

Before we bring our family together for a fun filled day of building, our granddaughters and I go to the dollar store and we spend between $10 and $15 dollars on candy.  We purchase more candy than we will use and the extra candy goes into Grandpa’s candy drawer in the kitchen, where it is used all year around to decorate cupcakes, cakes and ice cream sundaes.

Once back with the candy Uncle Rob puts on his foreman hat and begins the process of cutting the slabs into walls, roof, chimneys, and fences.  Some years he does the building on his own and other years, more of the men have become involved.

When the house is completed, the grandchildren, mothers, aunts and Uncles get involved in the decorating.

No one is allowed to eat the candy off the house until Christmas Eve when we gather to open gifts and celebrate being together as a family.

Royal Icing holds your walls and candy on:
1 lb. of confectioners’ sugar
½ cup egg whites (you can purchase these in a container or the white of 4 eggs)
½ teaspoon cream of tartar
Using beaters whip these ingredients until peaks form.  You will need to keep this mixture covered or it will begin to harden or use immediately and build your own Candy House.
 Grandma Snyder

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