Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Handmade Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas Crafts for Children

Gift Tags


The idea for this craft came from ‘Our Vintage Flair’ and the tag craft they brought to the Hanover Sewing Club on November 18, 2013.

Using self-adhesive Christmas sticker

Ready made tags and card stock construction paper we set out to make our gift tags.

 Using old family photographs we cut out family faces and pasted them into the craft bottle tops. 

This craft provided great entertainment as the grandchildren looked through old photographs of their parents, aunts and uncles.  It also opened up historical dialogue as they asked questions about the pictures and people in them.

The picture in the bottle cap will be who the gift is for and the sender will then use the back of the tag to write down their name.

If we are careful the tags can be reused year after year.

This project is a great way to recycle that box of old photographs that we all have stashed on bookshelves or on the top self of the closet.  While the girls were making their gift tags they came up with another use.  Place markers for next years family dinners.

Merry Christmas Grandma Snyder
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