Sunday, 24 November 2013

Grey Cup 101

Grey Cup 101

Rider Pride Comes to Ontario

While Regina prepared itself for the invasion of 50,000 raging Rider fans, small town Ontario has been invaded by two raging Rider fans.  Carla and Charlotte arrived in Ontario accompanied by 12 green Rider t-shirts, flags and tattoos and an abundance of Rider pride.  Yes, Carla and Charlotte are from Saskatchewan and both live in Regina.
So when their visit to Ontario landed them at our house we became the official Rider Nation Headquarters for the Beros family.
When I would have preferred catching up on their lives we were planning the football menu.  

When I would have preferred decorating for Christmas we were decorating for Grey Cup.

Security at our home has never been a problem; however, with Rider Green tied to the trees in our front yard things may have changed.  Ontario is in the Grey Cup with the Hamilton Tiger Cats, so I am a little worried.  The traffic past our house has increased and is slowing down – I wonder if we should be worried.

We have all learned the Rider song ‘Green Is the Colour’ 

Twenty eight years ago in 1986 the Hamilton Tiger Cats won the Grey Cup and they did it on the day our youngest son was born – he has been very verbal throughout this process that we will not wear green and as the good sport that he is he wore a black Riders t-shirt. 

Well it is 5:00 pm and the pre-show is about to begin.  All in all the day has been a great deal of fun.   

With lots of activities, from making our Rice Krispy Christmas Candy House to making a great tailgate supper.

Go Riders!
Grandma Snyder
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