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Tour Waterloo the Joseph B. Snyder Way

A Tour of Waterloo the Joseph B. Snyder Way

We started our tour at the Timeless Café and Bakery at 305 Northfield Dr. East, Waterloo Ontario.  This is the site of Joseph B. & Veronica (Weber) Snyder’s home farm.  

The Bakery is in what was Veronica’s chicken coop.  The owners of Timeless Café has capitalized on this.  The cutlery comes wrapped in a paper napkin held together with a chicken sticker and the on the restroom door is a sign designating Hens and Roosters.

Paul and I had a wonderful meal.  I had the daily quiche special, peach, mango salsa and sautéed onion it tastes much better that the description.  Paul had a sautéed onion, mushroom grilled cheese and again very tasty. 

The barn has been converted into The Timeless Material Company where historical building materials, furniture and other decorative artifacts and recycled are repurposed.

Paul drew my attention to the ramp that was built up to the barn and the passageway underneath where the Snyder’s would enter the lower level.

The house appears to be empty.  As we walked around the property I imagined Veronica sitting on the front porch snapping beans or podding peas.  Once lunch or supper was ready ringing the bell on the roof of the house to call her twelve children, husband and hired men to the house.

Joseph B. Snyder January 20, 1854 – March 25, 1938
Veronica Weber, January 19, 1857 – May 20, 1934
Married December 5, 1876

Simeon Snyder        January 13, 1878 – March 5, 1947
Susannah Snyder August 21, 1879 – March 7, 1882
Leah Snyder             February 19, 1882 – August 14, 1957
Lucinda Snyder      May 15, 1884 (the historical record that I was working from does not a date of death)
Lovina Snyder April 28, 1886 – April 19, 1944
Edwin Snyder October 31, 1887 – April 27, 1947
Joseph Snyder August 26, 1889 – March 18, 1935
Anna Snyder July 14, 1891 (the historical record that I was working from does not a date of death)
Ephriam Snyder July 7, 1894 (the historical record that I was working from does not a date of death)
Fanny Snyder July 22, 1898 (the historical record that I was working from does not a date of death)
Moses Snyder May 8, 1900 and died May 8, 1900
Noah Snyder December 29, 1904 – February 9, 1910

Leaving Joseph B. Snyder’s home farm we turned left onto Northfield Dr. East and then turned right onto Bridge St.  At approximately 827 -857 Bridge St. West there is a bush to your left stop the car and get out.  The piece of property on your left is the Schneider homestead, all that remains is the spring house which you can see in the bush.  
Your next stop is at the St. Jacob Farmers Market, where Quilted Heirlooms is housed at the onsite log cabin.  The cabin was originally built by Joseph E. Schneider on the spring house property.  

Paul is drawing your attention to the size of the logs used.
It appears that Joseph B. changed the family name from Schneider to Snyder at a time that coincided with WWII.

This brings to an end our day tour of historical Snyder family sites.

Grandma Snyder
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