Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Are we mindful of our grandchildren?

Are You More Than My Grandchild?

Ruth my granddaughter
Today’s blog has its beginning in the October 2013 publication of “mindful” the article Stop Look…See,
 “with people we know well, we often see only our version of them: “my boss”, “my father”, “my child” and not the people themselves, as they are, in that very moment.” page 41.

All day I have been contemplating this statement. 

My grandchildren are:
  • The children of my children
  • The legacy that I will leave on this earth
  • They are the best part of me
I am seeing them within the context of our relationship.  I am seeing the grandchild 'version' of them.

Do I know them outside of this context? 

No I don’t.   
I have not been mindful of them as unique people. 

Ruth my granddaughter

How do I become mindful of them as individuals when our reason for being together is our biological connection: grandparent grandchild?   

It is this final question that has pulled at the edges of my consciousness all day.

The article gives us an assignment to help move past the labels, our 'version'.   

We are to look at them through the lens of a camera at  candid moments.   That we use these pictures to help us really see the person.

Over the summer I have taken some candid pictures of my youngest granddaughter never anticipating that this would be their use.

Truth-be-told I have more than once thought of deleting them from my computer.  Was the reason because they jarred me into seeing her differently – maybe.

I want people to be mindful of me.  I rage against the stereo types of grandmother, mother, daughter, aunt.  Never realizing that I would be defining those I love by my 'version' to them.

One of our children is adopted and we adopted them as an adolescent.  I realized today that when I think of them I am more mindful and I believe this is because my first impression and dealings with them was outside of all labels.   

I want to know my biological children the same way.

I would like each of you, parent and grandparent to struggle with this same questions.  

How do I become mindful of my children and grandchildren?

I believe that my time and energy and yours will be well spent in this exercise. 

I am excited to explore the depths of being that my children and grandchildren are.

Grandma Snyder

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