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Neustadt Ontario 2013 Fall Fair

Neustadt 2013 Fall Fair

This our second year taking Emily and Ruth the Neustadt Fall Fair.   

They start their Fair with a parade.  This year it poured rain so we did not attend.   

We did attend the 2012 parade.

For a small community the parade was one of the best that I have been to.

When Does a Tradition Start?

It is interesting how and who determines when something is a tradition.  Remembering that this is only the second time that we attended, for Ruth we had two traditions.

Playing in the corn filled swimming pool.

Having a piece of pie.

 Emily eats pie like her father.   You eat all of the filling out and then eat the crust like a cookie.

While the girls were playing in the corn pool I started to think about family reunions and how for some large families it must have a Neustadt fall fair feel: lots of laughter, small groups of friends talking, and children playing everywhere.  

Here are some inexpensive yet fun activities for the next reunion where there are small children:

 Fishing in a plastic tub.

I have no idea what the excitement is and children were lined up to have their turn.  Here the children fished until they hooked a large ring on a plastic fish and then they were able to pick from a table of gifts for themselves.

The second would be to fill a small wading pool with corn kernels, that was even a bigger hit that the fishing pool.  Not sure how much it costs to fill and I can see no reason why the corn after the reunion could not be put back into the animal feed.

 Some Lovely Things

I saw some lovely things today!
I feel, dear God, I’d like to pray.

I saw some tiny little things –
Some hummingbirds with gauzy wings,
A flower with its head held high
As though it’s blue came from the sky.
I saw some lovely things today;
I feel, dear God, I’d like to pray.

I heard some wondrous things today;
I feel, dear God, I’d like to pray.

I heard a brook; it seemed to me
To catch the rhythm of the sea.
I heard a bird; it sang to me
A joyous, lilting melody.
I heard some wondrous things today;
I feel, dear God, I’d like to pray
Elizabeth M. Shields

Grandma Snyder

©2013-2015 twosnydergirls

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