Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Crocheted Memories of Barbie Doll Cloths

Grandma Ruth Ann

Traveling home today Paul and I stopped at TravelCenter of America (TA) Tekonsha Truck Stop in Michigan.  Our lunch stop was the Country Pride Restaurant.  Being of the belief that restaurants associated with truck stops serve good food, we had high expectations going in.
We were not disappointed.  The food was good, décor clean and well-kept and the atmosphere comfortable and relaxed.

As we waited for our food I picked up my latest crocheting project and started working.   Our waitress Summer came up and remarked that she has always wanted to learn how to knit and crochet.  However sadly her life at present does not provide her with the extra time, life is very busy with work and raising her young daughter Ellyse no time to learn to crochet.

Summer pauses and considers something for a moment, “My Grandmother would teach me but we live too far apart”.

Summer described in some detail the Barbie doll clothing that Grandma Ruth Ann had made for her.  Summer’s favourite outfits were those where Grandma Ruth Ann used more than one colour.  As Summer searches her memories her hand are moving over invisible doll clothing as she attempts to recapture the details created by her Grandmother and finding once again her youthful excitement at receiving these gifts of love.

Summer has saved many of these wonderful outfits and in turn has passed them down to her daughter Ellyse to play with.  In doing this Summer is keeping Grandma Ruth Ann’s gifts of 30 years ago alive and ensuring that they continue to create wonderful memories in yet another generation of Granddaughter’s.

Summer came back to our table to offer us more ice water – it continues to be in the high 30 degree Celsius range, “Grandma also made me leg warmers they were wonderful colors, none of them lasted and they are back in fashion now” there is regret in Summer's voice.

Summer then laments that her generation has lost or is at risk of losing all of these skills, “knitting, crocheting, canning…”

Grandma Ruth Ann while you may never read this blog post your Granddaughter in that moment was remembering you and your relationship with her.  She yearned to have you close, to once again sit at your side and learn from you.  To gather to herself the skills necessary to create similar memories for her daughter and future Grandchildren.

Through your Granddaughter’s memories I had a glimpse of your relationship and how important you were in helping her become the woman that she is today.

Thank you Summer for allowing me to share your experience of your Grandma Ruth Ann we my readers.

As promised Summer here is a link to making hemp flower pot holders

 I have also included a link to a You Tube video on teaching yourself to crochet.   

If you click on label entitled finger knitting on the side of the blog you will find a previous blog post where my Granddaughter’s and I had great fun in learning together. 

Grandma Snyder  
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