Sunday, 18 August 2013

Tall Ships 1812 Tour

 The Parade of Sail 

From the Owen Sound Habour 

Today Eric, Emily, Ruth, Paul and I went to Owen Sound to see the Tall Ships 1812 Tour presented by Redpath.  We attended the Parade of Sail, a spectacular presentation of sailing ships that marked the departure of the Tall Ships from the Owen Sound Harbour.

Liana's Ransom photo by Marjorie Snyder

The Liana’s Ransom sails under a Canadian Flag and is a two-mast, Gaff rigged, Square Top Sail vessel and her home port is Halifax, Nova Scotia.  She is 85 feet in length and her sail area is 2,500 square feet.  She weighs 65 tons and her hull is made of fiberglass on steel.  On board she carries 4 ¼ scale, 24 pound black powder cannons.  She was built in 1998.  The crowd today was thrilled to hear the Liana’s cannons fire 4 times.

Pride of Baltimore II photo by Marjorie Snyder

The Pride of Baltimore II, sails under a US flag.  She is a topsail schooner, 157 feet in length and her rigging reaches to a height of 107 feet.  Her sail area is 9,018 square feet and she weighs 97 GRT (Gross register tonnage).  She is a wood hulled vessel.  The Pride of Baltimore II is a reproduction of an 1812-era topsail schooner privateer.  This type of ship played an important role in the war of 1812.

The Fair Jeanne scheduled to participate in the Tall Ship show in Owen Sound unfortunately did not make it.  She was damaged on August 7, 2013 when she was struck by a fishing trawler on Lake Erie.  No lives were lost and the Fair Jeanne’s damage was extensive so she has returned for repairs.

The Parade of Sail

Photos & movie by Marjorie Snyder

We arrived an hour early for the Parade of Sails.

The girls played in the Park

They waited by the harbour

They rested in the shade, and here we encountered biting red ants.  Emily was not impressed.  

Even with the ants it was a wonderful day.

I would like to introduce everyone to Dawna Proudman’s youngest Granddaughter Zephina.   As you can see Mommy Amanda and big sister Trinity are very happy with Zephina’s arrival.

Grandma Snyder
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