Saturday, 10 August 2013

A Day of Celebration and Joy

Emily's soccer team won the Championship today and Emily received her first award. 

She is so proud of herself and her team.

This was Emily's first season of soccer and she had a great time playing defense.

With great pride Emily describes to me what her job is as a defense girl.  "I play the field between the two white lines in front of our net.  My job is to defend our net, to keep the soccer ball away from our goal and to prevent the other team of scoring".

A job that she received an award for... 

"But Grandma I didn't do it alone! Everyone on the team worked really hard and we won because we are a good team"

A job that her and her team received awards for.

Today also saw a new life brought into this world

My dear friend Barb Burkard has a new Grandson 
Volker William Burkard Gehiere
 and Mina has a baby brother.

I am reading the book
One Thousand Gifts 
by Ann Voskamp 
in this book Ann "Dare['s us] To Live Fully Right Where You Are

In her book she seeks out joy in every moment and to keep a journal a list of these moments as they are happening, her goal is 1,000 moments of joy.  I have started to keep my own list, a task that is much harder than it first seems.  The business of living life creates a type of noise that prevents me from being mindful of these moments as they are happening.  At the end of the day I can look back and recall where the opportunity of Joy presented itself and for these I give thanks.  This however is not what I believe Ann wants for herself or us her readers.  

In recalling these moments after the fact I am "...see[ing] through a glass, darkly but then face to face: now I know in part..." and what I understand Ann to be describing is "... but then shall I know as also I am known" 1 Corinthians 13:12.  She is describing noticing the Joy that comes from knowing yourself through your Creator.

This is what we are witnessing in the photos in today's blog we are standing witness to human beings knowing themselves through the Joy of their Creator in them as the Created.


 Grandma Snyder


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