Friday, 17 January 2020


Butterfly on out door plants at  Murrells Inlet
While enjoying a coffee and thumbing through a magazine I came upon a page with the word more and blank line repeated down the length of the page. 
We had three foggy mornings.  We woke to this landscape.

What do I want more of in 2020? 
Murrells Inlet boardwalk was a show case of pelican.
And with this question  I spent the next 45 minutes journaling and opening myself up to the idea of a life with more.
Even Pelicans get an itch that just has to be scratched.
More reading.

More long hot soaks in the bathtub.

The foggy mornings turned into beautifully warm afternoons for walking.
January 2019 I was overwhelmed with how I would retire; focussed on how to remake myself; experiencing the loss of my identity as a professional woman and truthfully running away from myself.

More writing/ journaling.
Each day we are getting stronger.
More time spent in silence.
The camellia bushes are in bloom at the park.

One year later I am geographically in the same physical space and light years away from the emotional turmoil of 2019. 

More time with family.
We have had some windy days.
More time with friends.

I am grateful and acknowledge the privilege of being able to step back from fulltime employment and experience just being me.

More spiritual growth.
Each day the sky is new and sometimes dramatic. 
More time in prayer.

More laughter.
Sitting quietly by the dunes we were surprised when a
warren of bunnies came out to play.

Peacefully enjoying each moment, plans are just possibilities, always being open to new opportunities and spontaneity.

More creating.
The beach and sky are an ever changing landscape.
More walks.

With tranquility of spirit we have started to declutter our lives, we need less to be happy.

More time enjoying my life partner.

More just being me.

We hope that you enjoy the photograph and thank you for visiting.

Grandma Snyder
©2013-2020 twosnydergirls

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