Monday, 19 August 2019

Being with family.

As I write the narrative for this blog post we are in Edmonton Alberta visiting now with Paul’s sibling.

The drive from Lipton Saskatchewan to Edmonton Alberta was a 9-hour whorl wind drive as we wanted to drive in daylight.

We left the farm at 6:45 am and drove under ever changing skies and ever-changing point of interest to keep the drive interesting.

The drive was stress free and passed quickly as we listened to yet another Emily Peabody novel.

My last blog post was Friday August 16, 2019.  Saturday was very busy and Sunday the internet was offline at the farm.

Saturday, we went to the local farmers market to find eggplant for Sunday supper.

The children had fun picking out vegetables with their Grandmother.

Our next stop was at the Co-op grocery store where 7 of us formed up in a line and passed Grandma’s purchase down the line to Uncle Paul who was pushing the cart. 

Back at the farm I made Rollkuchen and introduced the children to some of their Russian Mennonite heritage. 

Saturday after supper everyone laughed, and cheated their way through games of Uno.

Sunday was our last day to play with the children and that is what we did.

Time at the park,

finishing up ‘projects’

and going on imaginary trips.

This image is one we have come to understand as the potty-training walk of failure.  She was just having too much fun.

Tonight, before supper with Ron and Susan we all went for a walk.
Thank you for coming along.
Grandma Snyder
©2013-2019 twosnydergirls

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