Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Myrtle Beach Vacation Day 24, Art class with Rebecca Zdybel

Today was our second and last class of 2018 with Rebecca Zdybel as both my sister and I will be travelling home in the next few days.  

In today's class we once again worked with wax and watercolours the difference being that we created our own design and painted free hand with the wax.

You know how we tell our children to listen to all the instructions and ask questions if you do not understand, well I should have asked more questions.  In the instructions we were to splatter onto our drawings - I splattered with my watercolour paints when the instructions said to splatter with the wax.

In my sister's painting you can see the affect(the orange one), I like how my turned out and next time will splatter with wax as it always best in my opinion to follow the instructions once before you venture out on your own.

Thank you Rebecca for creating a safe and fun place to play with ideas and paint.  

We will definitely see you in 2019 for more art classes.

Grandma Snyder
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