Sunday, 30 April 2017

Were Not Our Hearts Burning With In Us?

Faith asks us to step out into open space knowing that while we see only open space our feet will walk by faith on solid ground, we will not fall.

Thomas did not believe that Christ was risen, his faith encompassed only what he could see and touch and how many of us today are the same, unwilling to believe what we cannot see or touch.  

We test God desiring that he provide us proof of his existence,

“Lord if you are real please….”  These are doubting Thomas moments, our requests for proof may or may not be answered and they never strengthen our faith they weaken it by reducing God's ability to work in our lives to what we will accept.

C. S. Lewis offers proof of God’s existence through very mundane things.  When we are hungry we crave food, thirsty we seek out water, cold warm clothing, hot a cool space in the shade, lonely the company of others and so it spiritually. 

Our spirits long to know God, a longing that only faith can begin to satisfy and how our hearts burn to know God.

There is a glass walkway out into open space over the Grand Canyon.  Faith is like stepping out onto this walkway only instead of knowing there is transparent glass under foot, you know it is there by faith alone.
Once you have taken one small step out into the open expanse and not fallen your spirit soars with the knowledge that you have been kept safe by God’s power and you are overcome with joy.

God is waiting for each of us to take that first step so that he can begin to satisfy our spiritual yearning, God waits patiently for our faith to allow him to work in our lives and once we take that first small step...

God will fill you with joy when you are with the Lord ~ Acts 2:28

Grandma Snyder
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Lectionary readings for this week Acts 2:14a, 22-32; Psalm 16; 1 Peter 1: 3-9; John 20:19-31.
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