Sunday, 26 February 2017

Transfiguration Sunday

Transfiguration Sunday is about mountain top experiences, those moments that step out of time, remaining forever clear in our memories.  They do not fade and cannot be altered with the passage time.

They are spiritual markers in our lives, always available, instantly transporting us into the presence of the Lord.  They fill us with the knowledge that in this moment we have all that we need for we are beloved by God.

Mountain top experiences, those that transform us are not always glorious moments of pure joy and beauty.  For many of us these transformative moments of coming face to face with God happen in the passage of our everyday lives or when we are in depth of despair, when we have lost control of our lives.

The Laundromat

One of my mountain top experiences happened on a cold and lonely October evening with no clean diapers for our young son.  Just as my despair threatened to overwhelm me the light in the campground laundromat came on and my spirit lifted just a little.  

Leaving my son and husband warm in our camper van I ventured out into the night cold and damp with a light mist of rain in the air.  Juggling a small bag of chain, laundry soap and a laundry hamper ripe with soiled diapers I opened the laundromat door. 

I remember it was warm in this small room and on the dryer sat a crossed legged teenager reading a book.  He looked up at me and said with a smile it free tonight then he jumped down and walked out into the night.  I did not give him another thought until the next morning when we went to the camp office to notify then that we were leaving.

Standing in the office handing in the keys to the washroom and shower I thanked them for opening the laundromat.  “No” was the quick response “we closed the laundromat last week and winterized the pipes.”  Stunned into silence I returned to the van and getting back in the laundry basket still filled with fresh clean folded diapers announced the miracle of the previous night.

And I was forever changed in that moment of spiritual clarity for I knew the depth of my God’s love and care for me.

Grandma Snyder
©2013-2017 twosnydergirls

Lectionary reading Exodus 24:12-18; Psalm 2; 2 Peter 1:16-21; Matthew 17;1-9.
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