Monday, 23 January 2017

When Storms of Life Rage

2016 was a year of emotional storms, where at times it was hard to find that calm inner place. 

To find our spiritual centre, that place where no matter what is happening around you, you know yourself to be and to be loved.

January 10th 2016 the storm targeted the life of Audrey a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin, life partner and friend and just as a tree with dying roots struggles not to fall in the face of the storm surge we struggled against the knowledge that our family was in the process of forever changing.

On December 4th 2016 the storm stopped as suddenly as it had begun.

Our family had changed forever yet it remained the same.

The Dalai Lama describes how the waves on the waters surface can rage with the violence of creation, yet in the depth of that same ocean all remains calm, undamaged by the tempest above and this is how 2016 has felt. 

We survived as individuals, as a family, but were we unchanged?  

The shape of our family has changed, our shoreline changed yet the depths of who we are as individuals and as a family remains unchanged.

When emotional storms appear on life’s horizon prepare yourself with signs that will guide you to your spiritual centre.

Take into the storm things that will help ground you in the present moment and transport you to that calm place. 

Be mindful in advance of what you will need to not be sweep away into the storm.

Be deliberate in your planning and selfish in your protection of the time you will need to retreat to your spiritual centre.

Know that the storm will pass and you will walk once again into the sunlight to continue your life’s journey.
Grandma Snyder

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