Sunday, 8 January 2017

The heavens were opened

And God Blessed His People with Peace

What is the peace that we are blessed with?

It is not the absence of war, for many people live in war torn countries and humanity is bent on settling disagreements through conflict of one sort or another.

And peace is also defined as a state of tranquility or quiet a reprieve from the troubles and surround you.

Over the past few months, God’s blessing of peace has entered our lives through the actions of friends, strangers and the dying.

God visited peace on us in the depth of our grief, when a beloved Great Grandmother, summons all of her strength to smile and kiss her infant Great Granddaughter and when the child said more, another kiss was summoned and we in the room knew peace and a sense of family in that moment.

God visited peace upon an exhausted woman weary from working all day when a tattooed and pierced teenager stood up and offered her his seat on the bus.  They smiled at each other and she knew peace and a sense of community in that moment.

God visited peace upon an anxious panic stricken mother when in her frantic search for a missing purse is tapped on the shoulder by a homeless man, “here is your purse it dropped out of your stroller” he turns and walks away, to have the mother hurry after him to say thank you.  In that moment they both knew peace and sense of community.

 The heavens were opened and the spirit of compassion, family, service and connectedness descended on humanity.

We experience God’s peace in relationships with each other, in the care we offer and receive.

There is no exclusivity in God’s peace and nor should there be in our care for each other.
Acts 10:34 “I now realize how true it is that God treats everyone the same”
Grandma Snyder
©2013-2017 twosnydergirls

Lectionary readings: Isaiah 42:1-9, Psalm 29, Acts 10:34-43, Matthew 3:13-17.
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