Thursday, 29 December 2016

Hope Comes In Small Things

Grief is not a linear process, it sneaks up on you triggered by a word, a song, or a smell.  

The sadness is overwhelming and takes all of the colour and light out of world.

It is easy to give into the grief to darken the memory that life has placed in front of you.

Hope enters our lives in the small things, colour and light start to work their way back into the memory when we share it, use it to add depth to our lives.

Today our granddaughter’s were over and wanted to make dresses for their dolls and I was transported back to sewing lessons at the hands of my mother.

As we sorted through the doll fabric box we came upon a pair of dress pants that were mother’s many years ago which she gave to me for the purpose of reusing the fabric. 

Ruth fell in love with the fabric and is using it to make a Princess dress for her Maplelea doll.

And as we ripped out stitches, traced patterns and practiced sewing lined paper all in preparation for sewing the dresses tomorrow we laughed, remembered and hope entered our lives where sadness had just walked.

Grandma Snyder

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