Monday, 3 October 2016

I am becoming

Want to feel and enjoy your age, go on a camping vacation!

At home where all is comfortable and familiar we feel younger in our 30’s instead the reality of being in our 60’s.

Don’t get us wrong we have enjoyed our camping trip every much and at different times we have known ourselves to be physically older then our psychological ages.

There were the hikes that turned out to be too long.

The campsites too far from the bathrooms.


All of the trip and fall hazards that snag feet and sent us sprawling when feet were not lifted high enough.

There were also times when the wisdom of our ages deepened our experience.

Taking the time to sit in a church, to meditate being mindful the sounds, smells and spiritual energy that these places of history hold.

Ignoring the pool and hot tub to walk the streets around us, opening up our experience of a city or town being able to say hello to strangers.

Seeking out local grocery stores to fill our cooler with healthy foods to make as we travelled, allowing us to by passing the fast food restaurants for leisurely lunches at wayside rest station.

We like this Lewis Carol quote because it speaks to our understanding of life that we are constantly becoming as long as we stay open to all the experiences that life presents.

Laughing when we trip and fall, and remembering to lift up your feet next time.

Enjoying the beauty of a star filled sky at 3:00 am as you walk hand in hand to the bathroom.

Sitting down and resting as often as you need too on this walk of life and 
never, never stop walking!

Grandma Snyder

©2013-2016 twosnydergirls
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