Monday, 29 August 2016


Yesterday the planning for Christmas started in our home, as we began discussions on how we would get a loved one from far away home.  

Year after year he has travelled by train and we have started to see the wear and stress this trip is beginning to have on him.  So we announced that this year we would take some of our holidays to drive to pick him up.

The response we received from was “So I can worry the whole time you are gone” and true to form she started worry right there in the restaurant in August!

Has worry ever solved a problem or resulted in a positive outcome? 

Has worry ever been a productive use of your time?

Corrie Ten Boom’s quote is so true all worry does in exhaust, and stress the person who is worrying it is of no help at all to those who are being worried about.

And our worry makes us vulnerable to overreacting, to being conned by threats over the phone or by email.

Be mindful of what causes you to worry, and find ways to release it.  

Engage in life affirming strength giving activities, prayer, meditation, walking, singing anything that will take up the space worry has created.

As parents and grandparents we also need to understand how our worrying is affecting the children in our lives, what we are modeling.  

Model productive ways to take charge of worry and be mindful that you control your thoughts.
Grandma Snyder

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