Monday, 15 August 2016


Perfection is a terrible, awful, despicable goal. 

It rejects nature, creation, humanity!

We will never be perfect.

Nothing we do, say or create will be perfect.

No situation, or experience is perfect.

We really do not know what perfection is, except to know that somewhere we learned it is the goal we strive for.

That only when we have been perfect will we truly be loved and valued

Loved, valued by who?

How sad to learn after more than 40 years of striving for perfection that it was self love we are striving for.

Perfection has no place in the human experience, because it is in imperfection that beautiful has a chance to shine.

Imperfection makes us unique, calls attention to our personal stories, that make me, me.

A wise woman, once commented that she hopes in heaven she gets to keep the  scare on her leg because it and the story behind the scare shaped who she is.

Be mindful this week how beautiful your imperfections are and how perfection is a trick of the mind/advertisement/consumerism,  a black hole the sucks your unique spirit out of you.

Grandma Snyder

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