Monday, 22 August 2016

Perfect Love

This quote was on the wall of a friend's home and it trouble me as a new parent how could there be any more perfect love that our love for our first born son.  

The Grandmother in whose home the quote was found just smiled and said someday you should be so luck as to understand.

Now as a grandmother myself I do. 

As a parent my love for our children was unconditional, I would have given my life for them and yet I questioned my every action.  

I worried over every decision and cared too much what other people thought.  

The worst part was measured by value as a parent against my children’s progress both positive and negative.

I now believe the perfect love referred to in the quote is the freed from self reproach as you engage in play for the pure joy of play and eating ice cream before lunch just because you can.

Getting to know your grandchildren not as your children with responsibility for their future.

 Getting to know them as people unique and very separate from you.

Getting to know them and rediscovering yourself, the child you once were and still remain.

As parents and grandparents there is a perfect joy in exploring who your children are as people and through them getting to know yourself better.

Grandma Snyder
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