Monday, 18 July 2016

Don't deprive me my age!

She enters the building standing tall, walking with pride of place, she walks with the assistance of bright red walker.  

Her 80+ years of living, farming, running after children and a nasty fall a few years ago have left her legs and back in need of support.  She is thankful for the support and she keeps her red walker always at hand.

As she moves through our group she stops and talks to friends and praises young children. When a conversation goes on longer than expected she turns her walker around and sits down, not wanting miss out on the coming and goings of her friends.

She has earned every wrinkle, some brought on by years of smiling and laughing, some from spending too much time in the sun gardening, farming, playing with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, while other are from worry for her family and extended family.

Just as she earned each ache in her body over the years she has gardened, walked, played with children, stood for hours canning, has bent over quilts and a rug weaving loom for hours and she has spent many hours her knees praying.

She is alive and engaged in her own life.  

She takes advantage of the privileges age allots her and continues to build memories that carry her into the future.

She is old and has earned every day of her life.  

She continues to live, she is happy and takes advantage of the days that are remaining to her.

She is not denying her own age.

She is embracing it!

Stop now and look at how you spend your time, your days, are you embracing your age?  

Or like many unhappy midlifers and seniors are you denying the years you have lived and working hard to stop the inevitable?

Grandma Snyder

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