Monday, 6 June 2016

I am not ready to retire!

I am tired. 

Working all of my adult life both full time outside of the home and in an equal partnership at home with my life partner.

I have pursued hobbies, travelled, acted, been part of social activism, pursued higher education and remade myself numerous times as my life has demanded.

My retirement date will come and go in June 2016 and I will continue to work because I am afraid to stop – what will I do?

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s quote describes what I know.  

There is a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day with being tired knowing that you accomplished something, you were part of something bigger that is making a difference.

Being tired because of boredom well that is something I cannot tolerate and so I will continue to work past the magical date that so many of my peers long for.

As I struggled with the 'why' of why I will not retire  and I came to realize that I do not know who I will be once I retire.

What will I pursue, who will be pursuing me, where will I find meaning full work, how will I keep boredom at bay?

For some of us preparing for retirement means a great deal more than ensuring we have enough money to live on.

For some of us it means knowing what our goals will be on that Monday morning following retirement, the routines and challenges that will continue make life worth living.
Grandma Snyder

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