Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Transplanting Our Peace Garden

 While the weather in Ontario Canada has been too cold to begin our plants outside, the church basement has wide window sills that are south/east facing and here the seeds that we planted did well.   
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The cool temperatures during the week made this a wonderful place for our, pumpkins, squash and sunflowers to sprout.  Our watermelons did not sprout so we will purchase two plants for the Peace garden.

The children enjoyed watching the seeds grow and announced with pride when their seedlings reached to two leave stage, the point at which once again they would get to play in the rich soil and transplant their seedlings.

Again they created labels using markers and Popsicle sticks.

Not only was transplanting fun there was a great deal of enthusiasm for cleaning up after.

The proceeds from the children's Peace Garden/ Three Sister's Garden go to the local food bank at Thanksgiving.

Now we water and wait for the weather to warm up enough to plant our corn and beans.  Followed by our squash and Sunflowers.

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Grandma Snyder

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