Friday, 29 April 2016

Recipe for getting through a difficult week.

8 hours of sleep every night.

30 minutes to wake up slowly enjoy that transition period from sleeping to waking you know the time when the bed is just the right temperature and reality has not yet crashed into your consciousness. 

1 hour to shower, and dress, while enjoying a good cup of your favourite hot drink.

30 minutes to eat a healthy breakfast.

Now is the time you go to work either at home or outside the home.

Stop for both a morning and afternoon break – get outside and walk finding joy in the sounds of life all around you.

Eat a healthy lunch and spend 10 minutes mediating on something that makes you happy.

Once home prepare supper and eat this meal at the kitchen or dinning room table.  
Even if you live alone you are worth it take the time.

Clean up the kitchen right away.

Take 30 minutes to lay out the clothing you will wear tomorrow.

45 minutes to soak in the tub.

Get to bed early.

Forgive yourself for any sharp words you directed at others or yourself.

Affirm that you going through a stressful period and acknowledge that it will also come to an end.

Create for yourself an emotional first aid kit.  
This is a small container that you can carry with you.  In your emotional first aid kit place pictures of people and places that make you happy.  Quotes that remind you that this too will pass.  A photograph of you smiling.  

Grandma Snyder

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