Monday, 18 April 2016

One Person At A Time

At the end of the day there just seems to have been too little time to meet all of demands that we face.

It is tasks that are being referred to.  

It is all of the people who need or want a piece of our time.

The needs of children, grandchildren, spouses, siblings, neighbours, parents, grandparents, of the homeless, the poor, the refugees, the oppressed …

Have you ever felt like you would like to move away from people and the demands that they make either real or perceived and live the life of hermit?

By 5:00 pm on most days that is exactly how I feel.

Yet on those rare occasions when I spend a day without the needs of others, I find myself sitting in coffee shops just to feel connected.

There are two things going on that I and others like me need to be mindful of.

The first is perception.

My perception is just that, my way of understanding someone else’s behaviour, it is not their truth in fact my perception could be totally wrong -  it is always best to ask if there is something they would like and OK to say no or not now.

Mother Teresa provides wisdom for the second.

It is not the number of people that require our assistance, it is the help we render to the person who is next to us that changes our families, our neighbourhoods, our county and the world.

When we are present with each other, taking the time to understand, to listen, we create change, we render help in a co-operative way, we provide a service both to ourselves and the other.

Grandma Snyder

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