Thursday, 14 April 2016

Crochet The Weather

Conceptualizing the weather has now become a habit and in 2016 we are creating a crochet block for each day this year. 

The centre of the block is the temperature
the outer block is the sky.

In 2016 we will also be featuring the poetry of

Dawna Proudman

while February lurches
forward into March
if bird song is destined forever
to be recalled
but never again heard

like stories from our childhoods
we tell and tell and tell
until they are smooth worn
familiar and strange
like wave polished glass

memories of the time before
the ice banished all but the crows –
cavorting like old country widows
their magnificent distraction
from snow upon snow
cloud upon cloud

cocky victory struts
charm and confuse
graceful wings trace drifts
like pirate flags over frozen seas
welcomed by default
by those of us left land locked

(even so,
winter could last a hundred years
and still the crow’s raspy throated scold
would always be the antithesis of song
wouldn’t it?)

will there ever come a time
when windows gape again
like the mouths of youngsters
yowling with glee and awe
catching the notes of sparrows,
doves, warblers, finches
spiralling, billowing upwards into
the blue dome of the universe?

will robins ever come again
to drown the tumble and huff
of wind and wires,
the scrape and grate of snow ploughs,
the whirr and whine
of my unoccupied mind?

six months ago so many birds
regaled us from stands of birch and ash
their notes entwined
like grasses, dog hairs, yarns and twigs
in one nest, I could not guess
which bird sang which lilt
as I wilted in the unforgiving heat

now the sounds they made
elude us, the memory
hollow as bird bones
the words mock our losses
no “tweet” “chirp” “thrum”
disrupts the silence

struck dumb like children
waking to realize
the thing we loved and clutched
– teddy bear, blanket, feather or hope –
has once again disappeared
in the night

this then is the time of faith
for there is nothing else
but prayer and blindness 
we give up wishing for ears of glass
search out a hint of sunlight
don armour sufficient
to fend off bitterness
then stand
just there

where the light erases everything else from view
everything else from memory 
close our eyes
for whispers and wings

Grandma Snyder
©2013-2016 twosnydergirls

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