Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Fancy Pants Crochet Pattern 5" Doll

This is our first crochet pattern and as full retirement approaches we hope to have more for both 5 inch dolls and 18 inch dolls.

Fancy Pants

Using size 10 cotton and a 1.75 crochet hook chain 40 stitches and join the chain into a circle with a slip stitch.

Round #1 single crochet in each stitch join round with a slip stitch
Round #2 single crochet in each stitch join round with a slip stitch
Round #3 single crochet in the first three stitches and then for the next 14 stitches single crochet into the back loop only and return to crocheting through both loops and join round with a slip stitch
Round #4 repeat round #1
Round #5 repeat round #3
Round #6 repeat round #1
Round #7 repeat round #1
Row #8 single crochet for 20 stitches turn
Row #9 chain 1 decrease one stitch and single crochet to last two stitches and decrease across these two stitches turn
Row #10 through #11 repeat round #9
Row #12 chain 1 decrease two stitches, single crochet to last three stitches and decrease two stitches turn (10 stitches)
Row #13 through #15 repeat round 12 (2 stitches)
Row #16 single crochet in each stitch turn
Row #17 single crochet in each stitch and cut the thread lock stitch.
Pick up stitch 21 of round and repeat rows 8 through 17
Join the two row 17s together for form the underpants.
Back Lace:
Return to the first row of 14 stitches crocheted into the back loop.  Pick up the front loop and chain three then double crochet twice in the same loop, single crochet in the next loop, three double crochet in the loop and repeat this across, cut the thread and repeat this for the second line of available front loops.
Pick up 20 single crochet around each the pant leg and repeat the three double crochet followed by a single stitch.
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