Monday, 18 January 2016

The Pictures In Our Heads

How many times in all the planning, imagining, and wanting has an important event in life disappointed because it was not supposed to be the way it turned out?

Perfect is not achievable in life because our imagined perfect moment, that picture we create in our heads is impossible to replicated in real life. 

Much of my life I lived with someone who spent great amounts of time planning for the perfect (fill in any life event), and upon the arrival of that moment was disappointed, so moved on very quickly in planning the next perfect moment.

And when they were not planning they were worrying over the terrible things that might happen. 

They spent time we could have been laughing, playing or just being together as a family consumed by a future that would never come true and always disappointed.

They screwed up their now with pictures of what should in their head.

Experience each moment for the joy that only it can bring. 

If it rains on your party dance with abandon in the rain. 

Find your place of happiness where you are now not in some future place and don’t fear what is yet to happen it comes at the expense of your safety now.

Grandma Snyder

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