Thursday, 28 January 2016

Children's Valentines Craft

Newspapers collect waiting to be recycled in our garage + having a very good friend Dawna P. who for years has turned old newspapers into beautiful and powerful pieces of art = our search for a Valentines craft to do with our granddaughters.

This time we found our activity on YouTube

(click on the link to see the video)

  1. Emily searched out our recipes for the Mache paste on the internet.
  2. Our first paste was equal parts water and flour and being gluten free the only flour we have in the house at the time was stale whole wheat.  Surprisingly this worked well on the first layers and we would not recommend it for finishing because the rough texture of the flour creates a textured finish.  We finished using a Mache paste that was 1-part white flour to 2-parts water (we made about 8 cups of paste and to this we added 1 cup of white glue.
  3. As in the video the girls each drew out the shape of their heart and cut the hearts out.
  4. Next they bunched up newsprint and taped it in place using painters tape.
  5. Then the fun part!  Well Emily and I had fun wetting the newspaper in the glue and placing them onto the form - Ruth was disgusted with the feel of the wet newsprint.
  6. We covered the hearts with three layers of newsprint and finished with a layer of white paper towel.
  7. Using tempera paints each girl mixed the colour of red they wanted and set about painting their heart.
  8. Next using scrape paper they created the design that was transferred and painted onto their heart.
  9. Finally using family links on Facebook we downloaded the pictures they wanted to use.  

Their hearts will hang in their bedrooms a reminder of the people who they love and consider part of their family.

Happy Valentines Day

Grandma Snyder
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