Saturday, 28 November 2015

Wooden Snowmen Christmas Craft

The idea for this activity with our grandchildren came about this summer when our son built a fence around their backyard.  We had gone over to help them pick up the wood left over from the project and here we found various lengths of wooden posts.  Rather than see them go to the dump we gathered them up and stacked them in the garage.
Once again we would love to credit the original creator of this idea however the net and Pinterest are full of version of this idea and so we add ours to the growing list.
Our snowmen cost exactly $2.00 each to create.  We purchase Christmas socks at the dollar store and one can of varnish.

What you will need:
  • White paint
  • Something orange for the noise we used scrap doweling that Grandpa
  • Dark or Black button of various sizes.  For this we went to Grandma’s button box.
  • Green and red scrape of fabric.  These came from Grandma’s fabric stash
  • 1 colourful scarf per snowperson
  • Hot glue
  • drilled and glued into the wood
  • Varnish

  1. Paint the wood white
  2. Varnish
  3. Glue on the noise (orange), and the buttons for eyes, mouth and buttons
  4. Tie and glue on the scarf
  5. Place sock on the top and you are done

Ruth and Emily gave a set of snowmen to each of the Grandparent’s and Great Grandmother.

Grandma Snyder

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