Monday, 23 November 2015

Practice Mindful Kindness This Holiday Season

Social media is full of advice on how to make it through the coming holidays, specifically how to deal with family/how to not feel guilty about avoiding family. 

Family relationships are the most complex relationships we will ever have to negotiate, because at the core these relationship reflect on us or to us images we reject or are painful– they are fundamentally about us.
Just as self-forgiveness/self-love is difficult so are the relationship of our childhoods.

This holiday season rather than avoiding, ignoring, bracing yourself for the fight, approach family gatherings with an attitude of kindness.  

These are not people you have to live with nor do you see them daily.  

You gather with them at this time of year solely because they are family.

All too soon they may be gone, they will beyond your reach.  

Be kind this holiday season to yourself and your family.

Grandma Snyder

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