Monday, 16 November 2015

Be Present This Holiday Season

The consumer engine is all steamed up and ready to pull out of the station with all of us aboard, on what is euphemistically known as the 

If your Christmas planning is anything like ours, there is very little about it that resembles a holiday.  The reality is that so much time is spent planning, deciding what would be that perfect gift, who to invite, what to wear, which party to go to and so on.  That by the time New Year's Day gets here we have a hard time remembering what we did and more importantly how we really felt at the time.

As you enter the 2015 Holiday season, be mindful of how much time is spent in looking forward/ how much time you are trading away for the present now that you are living.

Don't plan, shop and cook away the 2015 Christmas season, unless in doing so you can stay present with yourself and those around you!

Be alive and present this Christmas season.

Grandma Snyder

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