Monday, 19 October 2015



You can substitute; prevention, hindrance, blocking, foiling, defeat, obstruction, thwarting for the word frustration and those are only the words that Microsoft Word provided.

 And the opposite of frustration is success.

Today was a very frustrating day, it was a day that depleted personal energy and gave very little in return.

Today was a day where old behaviours prevented success, 
where lack of awareness hindered success, 
success was blocked by not being mindful of repeated patterns, 
where habitual responses foiled success ….

In reflection it was a day where old behaviours and strategies were repeatedly applied to new situations, each time with the expectation that success would be achieved and where frustrated failure resulted.

Einstein would say a day spent in the pursuit of insanity and by the end of the day that is what it felt like.

Did other people cause this frustration? 

To say yes would be give personal power and choice away. 

No people cause their own frustration and there in lays the path to success.

Taking ownership of being frustrated, be mindful of your expectations, repeated patterns of behaviours and leave insanity behind.

Grandma Snyder
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