Monday, 10 August 2015

Don't Miss Out On Your Life

We have had our Great Nephew Lucas visiting for the past few days.  Everything he does is intense.  

When he eats it is all about the food, how it feels in his mouth, how it tastes and yes how it feels.  

When he is watching you he is taking in all of you, memorizing your face, your voice.

When he plays he is undistractible.  

He is getting the most out of life!

We saw the same type of focused involvement watching our granddaughters play soccer.   

When we asked about the game they recited in detail their experience of the game.  

They knew what air tasted like, the condition of the grass under their feet and where their team members were at any time.  

They had been alive in that game.

How often driving home from work are you caught off guard by where you are in the trip?  

Or sitting in a meeting or waiting in a lobby do you come to the startling realization you cannot remember the past few minutes. 

You have missed out on part of your life!

Be mindful of the moments you are living and learn from the children around you to be present in everything you do.

Grandma Snyder

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