Thursday, 30 July 2015

10 Things to Tell Your (Grand)children in July

In North America the month of July is when both Canada and the United States celebrate the founding of their countries.  July 1st is Canada day and July 4th Independence Day.  So take the opportunity to talk to our children and grandchildren about what it means to be a citizen.

Countries like people change and evolve so the country that you grew up in will be different than today.

1)Remember back to some of your earliest memories of your country and share these with your children.  

It was a family vacation where we drove from our home in Ontario to British Columbia and it was the vastness of the prairies that I remember and from that point on I measured Canada not in miles but in the number of sleeps it took to cross this amazing country.

2) If you were not born in the country  you now hold citizenship in talk with your children about what it was like to move to this new country what had you or your family expected and what did they find?

3) What makes your proud to be a citizen?

 I am proud of the peace keeping the Canada does around the world.  I'm proud that Canada encourages diversity and makes space for the cultural and religion backgrounds  of it's citizens.

4) How would you like to see your country change?  What are some areas of growth, talk to children about this and how together might get involved in changing the politics and social million of the country you live in.

5) If you exercise your right to vote remember back to the first time  tell your to children about what that felt like.  And if you do not exercise this right tell them your reason for withdrawing and the impact you think this has.

6) Have you ever participated either as a child or now as an adult in your local government?   Attended town hall meetings, supported the election of your preferred candidate as a two examples.  Share these memories.

7) Have you ever been so upset with your government or the politics of the day that you protested or wrote letters to the government?  If you have talk to children about that what it felt like, did make a difference, would you do the same thing now?

8) Canada and the USA is built upon the freedom for its citizens and that freedom came at a price.   If a member of your family or you have participate in military service or  in the Red Cross supporting the soldiers overseas talk to the children it is important that we remember.

9) Volunteerism is a vital part of how Canada and the USA provide services to its citizens.  Volunteering at food banks, Habitat for Humanity, in schools, hospitals, children's sporting groups and so many other ways.  How has volunteerism played out in your family?  Do you or other members of your family volunteer?  Share this with your children and think about ways you can volunteer with them, creating new memories.

10) As a child how was July 1 or July 4 celebrated?  Was it a big event with fireworks and picnics or a small family gathering?  Share these memories.

Grandma Snyder
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