Sunday, 14 June 2015

Firmly Rooted

The majestic trees spoken of this in verse grow in soil that is less than fertile, they grow slowly, stand tall and strong against the weather. 

When younger this verse held no significance other than that of poetic verse.  Now I understand the imagery anew, it describes spiritual growth. 

Being spiritually alive is easy when surrounded by mountain top experiences, in soil rich with awareness of God, and surrounded by others alive and vibrating with enthusiasm for their God.

And while our lives are interspersed with these moments we live the majority of time in soil devoid of these experiences, in places of work where the spiritual is no longer welcome, at school where the religious is deemed inappropriate and in neighbourhoods where places of worship are closing down.

Like the palm and the cedars of Lebanon our spiritual maturity is slow and occurs for the most part in soil lacking spiritual nutrients. 

Yet we grow tall and strong standing against the weather firmly rooted in the knowledge of our God and our place in Heaven.  In our spiritual maturity, rooted in the knowledge of God’s love we are equipped to meet the demands of old age, patient with ourselves and excited for the zeal of the young.

Grandma Snyder

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