Sunday, 19 April 2015

Planting Grandma's Coleus

I can remember my Grandmother and Aunt Marjorie over wintering coleus and geraniums plants.  All winter I would watch the coleus get bigger and more spindly and the geraniums hanging in the basement gets dryer and more dead looking.

Then in the spring these wise women of my childhood would cut the coleus into small pieces and shake the dry dirt off the geraniums and plant both in fresh new soil.  Soon to my amazement both would grow and once again bring beauty to the gardens of my childhood.

Last year we took our spindly coleus plant and with the help of our granddaughters cut the plant into small pieces making many new beautiful plants for our gardens (Click here to visit that post).  

Today Ruth and Emily in search of something to do spied our large spindly coleus and so began our Sunday afternoon cutting and planting frenzy.  If they all grow we will have 73 separate coleus plants our summer garden.  I think there maybe a plant give away in our future.

What do you remember from your childhood gardens?

How are you sharing a love of gardening with the children in your life?

Grandma Snyder

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