Saturday, 11 April 2015

Belmore Maple Syrup Festival

48th Annual Maple Syrup Festival

Sometime the best way to start a Saturday is to not have a plan at all.  That is exactly how we started with coffee and a desire to go for a drive.  We heard about the 48th Belmore Maple Syrup Festival over the radio and off we went, we had our destination.  

In the photograph above children are learning to tap trees.  They drilled the hole, tapped in the spial and hang a pail and just a few feet away and under very close supervision there was an evaporator steaming on top of a fueled firbox.

Making pancakes

A pancake breakfast with sausages and plenty of maple syrup was the big draw of the day.  We were fascinated with the pancake production line equipped with it's own conveyor belt.  Six large hot plates with three on each side kept the line of hungry visitors from having to wait too long.

There were also many artisans selling their crafts, as well as the mandatory bake sale table which by 10:30 am was well on the way to being sold out.

It was a wonderful day at the Belmore Maple Syrup Festival 

Grandma Snyder

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