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10 Things To Tell Your Children and Grandchildren this Christmas

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As grandparents and parents now is your opportunity to share your memories and to help your children and grandchildren get to know you as more than their parent, as a person, as part of their history. Give the gift of your memories.

A gift I gave to an Aunt when I was child which
was gifted back to me as an adult and all the
memories associated.

10 Memories of Christmas to share:

  1. Your strongest memory of spending time with your Grandparents at Christmas.
  2. A memorable Christmas gift you received as a child.
  3. As a child a gift or ornament that you remember making at school and giving to your parents.
  4. A school Christmas Pageant that you remember being in.
  5. A Christmas Eve tradition from your childhood.
  6. A Christmas morning tradition in your childhood.
  7. A Christmas ornament that you remember or now have from your Grandparents Christmas Tree.
  8. Favourite Christmas Carol.
  9. Favourite Christmas Cookie.
  10. Favourite Christmas Food. 

In this age of limitless information and social networking that allows our children to connect to strangers all over the world it is imperative that they know us that they know their story and feel a strong connection to family.

Grandma Snyder

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