Monday, 6 October 2014

A Child's Writing

The Word Picture Outside My Window

I sit in the bedroom I share with my sister at the new white desk my parents have given me.  The task before me is to write a one page descriptive story for Mrs. Matsuei my grade two teacher.

The snow falling gently outside my bedroom window is back-lit by the streetlight, I put pencil to paper and begin to describe this magical moment.  I describe the silent fall of snowflakes against the black velvet of the night sky.  How each snow flake in this silent ballet willingly offers up its individuality to become part of the larger snow drift outside on the road.

I remember setting my pencil down, the sound of the furnace starting, the whoosh of warm air and the voices of my family downstairs breaking into my moment of creation.  

I look once more from my paper to the window and the snow falling outside my window.  I know that I created something good, something special, I am proud of my writing and I want to hand it in to Mrs. Matsuei 

Now fast forward a few days and I am sitting at my desk in school.  Mrs. Matsuei is standing at the front of the class holding our writing assignment.  I know this because mine is on top. 

I am charged with excitement of anticipation acknowledgment anticipating pride and approval from Mrs. Matsuei.  She tears the pile of papers with mine on top in half.

“I will not tolerate being ignored most of you did not hand in your writing assignment!  All of you will stay in today and miss your afternoon recess and you will stay until you complete the writing assignment.”

I have no idea what I wrote that afternoon.  The joy of creating word pictures, explaining my view of the world through words left me that day and did not return until many years later. 

"Not to be able to write is a learned disability" (Schneider, 2003, p. xxii)

What is your earliest memory of writing?

How are you encouraging your (grand) children to experience the joy of creating word pictures?

Encouraging them to provide you with a glimpse into their unique view out their window on life?

Grandma Snyder

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Schneider, P. (2003). Writing Alone and with Others. New York: Oxford University Press.

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