Monday, 15 September 2014

Celebrating Halloween from Afar

Let your grandchild design your Jack-O-Lantern this year

 One of the questions that we were asked last year at this time was how grandparents living at a distance can celebrate Halloween with their grandchildren in a more active way, they wanted to do more than receive pictures of Halloween after the fact.

Too begin to solve this dilemma we looked at what children like to do.  Children love to draw and then to find their drawings displayed on refrigerators, walls and on the social media platforms that they share with their grandparents, thus this activity was born.

Step #1
Call your children and explain the process to them so that they understand what you are attempting to do and in this way they can help their children.

Step #2
Write, call, Skype or facetime your grandchildren and explain that what you would like is for them to design your Jack-O-Lantern this year.  That you want them to draw you a picture of a pumpkins face.  Here is where the communication with your children is important given the age of your grandchild. 

Step #3
Once they have created one or a few of these pictures ask them mail the drawing to you, using either land mail or electronic mail, being able to print off the picture is important.

Step #4
When you receive your pictures decided on how many Jack-O-Lanterns you are going create and set to work replicating the drawings as best you can. 
Here you have some choices:
  • You can carve your pumpkin the old fashion way or
  • You can paint your pumpkin (this is my choice as I like to use pie pumpkins)

Step #5
Once your Jack-o-lantern is finished take a picture of the drawing next to your pumpkin and to really thrill your grandchildren be dressed up in a Halloween costume yourself and get into the picture.  I recommend not a selfie have a friend take the picture.

Step #6
Send this picture back to them.

When I talked to my granddaughters about this activity they thought it would be even better if the parents and grandchild used one of the same picture "twin Jack-O-Lanterns" 

We would love to see pictures of your Jack-o-lanterns.  Remember that the memories we give our grandchildren is of us having fun so dress up!

Grandma Snyder

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